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Mogadishu, March 02 2024:
Dr. Ghedi has been elected as the new
Managing Director of Premier Bank.

Premier Bank, one of the leading financial institutions in Somalia and Kenya,
announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Dr. Mohamed Ghedi
Jumale as its new Managing Director, effective from today. Dr. Ghedi will succeed
Mr. Osman Duale Ahmed.
Dr. Ghedi Jumale, is a dynamic figure in the field of strategic management, renowned
for his insightful perspectives on corporate strategy. With a Ph.D. in Strategic
Management from a top-tier university, Dr. Ghedi has established himself as a leading
authority on strategic planning, competitive analysis, and organizational
Dr. Ghedi is also a professional banker with 10 years of experience in the financial
industry. Before he was appointed as Managing Director of the Premier Bank Somalia,
Dr. Mohamed worked as Acting Managing Director, Deputy, Head for HR Department
and also Financing and Investment Department at Premier Bank. Ghedi holds a
bachelor’s degree in business administration, MBA in Human Resource Management,
MBA in law, and a PhD in Strategic Management.
“We have entered a new chapter, one where I am certain that Premier Bank is on a
path to greatly improve our country and the bank itself. It’s time for new leadership
that we all can trust and be confident in,” said Chairman Jibril Hassan.
As a researcher, Dr. Ghedi has published numerous articles in prestigious academic
journals, exploring topics such as strategic decision-making, innovation and
knowledge management, and corporate governance. Dr. Ghedi is a passionate and
engaging lecturer, known for his ability to translate complex theories into practical
insights for business leaders and students alike.


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