Premier POS

What is the Premier POS?

Premier POS is an electronic payment processing machine that eliminates the need for cash. Process payments safely and conveniently with:

  • Premier MasterCard Debit Card
  • Premier Consumer Card
  • Other bank cards: VISA, MasterCard, and Discover


  1. No cash required
  2. Safe and convenient payment processing
  3. Discounts and promotions from our partners

Where to Use

You can use Premier POS in many locations in all provinces and towns including:
supermarkets, shopping centers, clothing shops, travel agencies, universities, hotels, gas stations, hospitals, and more.

How to Use

After ringing up goods or services, hand your card to merchant and then enter your PIN code (if required) into PREMIER POS machine.

Cards Acceptance

  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Transaction Fee

Premier POS is free inside Somalia.