Corporate & Business Banking

Off-Balance Sheet Trade Finance

Transactions that have high fee potential. In these transactions, the bank will act as a “Collateral Manager” for various traders and importers. Premier Bank will ONLY focus on the facilitation of financing, without contravening the bank’s policies and guidelines relating to investments and lending.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Financing.

With the IMF and World Bank confirming their commitment to assist Somalia to rebuild its economy, this presents an opportunity for Premier Bank to work with these institutions to finance SME projects in Somalia. This will raise the profile of the bank and boost the confidence of other development partners and future investors.

Institutional Banking

To assist international organizations to set up offices in Somali and in the reconstruction process will be another key market segment under corporate banking.

Registered & Accredited Money Transfer Companies.

The main delivery channel for this segment will be the physical branch, enhanced relationship management, robust E-Banking platform, and correspondent banking.

Retail Banking

Deposit Mobilisation

Through funded current and savings accounts. The bank will drive account opening through its branch and business development teams.

Women and Student Banking

Women and students represent are a growth segment that the bank aims to create value for by offering unique and differentiated products

Personal Finance

Through credit products targeted at individuals. These will include credit facilities to facilitate vehicle and land purchases.

Internet Banking

Premier bank’s mobile banking service will allow retail customers to check their accounts, transact, make payments, and send money anytime – conveniently wherever they are. The key target groups for Retail Banking include;

  • Employees of International Organizations operating in Somalia
  • Local recipients of remittances from the Diaspora
  • The general public who need financial services

To effectively compete in this segment, the bank will rely on comprehensive delivery channels, trained sales teams, and technology-driven operations. The main delivery channels for this segment are physical branch networks, ATMs positioned at strategic locations, Internet Banking platforms, and Card services (Debit and Prepaid Cards).

Products & Services Offering