Mohamed Ghedi Jum’ale

Head Of Investment & Financing

Personal Information


Mohamed Ghedi Jum’ale has over 20 years’ experience as a management practitioner. Mohamed has worked with various organizations in Somalia and the region. He is also an accomplished academic and Lecturer /Supervisor for postgraduate students at various universities in Somalia namely, Mogadishu University, Horizon International University, Open University of Malaysia. In addition to being a Lecturer, Mohamed has also been involved in various social research projects for various international organizations including UNDP and MSF-Spain.

Mohamed holds a 1st Class Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in Human Resource Management from the Open University of Malaysia, a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Indian Ocean University and he is currently pursuing a PhD in Strategic Management in Kenya Methodist University (KeMU). Mohamed has also authored and published the “Human Resource Development Handbook” for university Students in Mogadishu and elsewhere.