Hajj/Umrah Account

An account that allows you to save for a very special purpose.

The Hajj/Umrah Account is a Savings Account designed specifically to help you realize your lifetime dream of fulfilling one of the fundamental pillars of Islam – pilgrimage to Mecca. By opening a Hajj Account, you will be able to grow your savings through halal earnings, moving a step closer towards making your lifetime dream a reality.

Key features & benefits

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Save your money securely
  • Single or Joint account options
  • Free withdrawals (once every 3 months)
  • No restrictions on deposit
  • Free Hajj gift pack
  • Access to pre-qualified Umrah/Hajj Agencies travel arrangements
  • No monthly charges
  • SMS notifications



  1. Opening Deposit of USD 100 (minimum)
  2. 2 colored passport size photographs
  3. Certified copies of valid ID or passport
  4. Proof of residence – P.O Box Number or Physical Address
  5. Proof of source of income through the following:Employed persons: 
    • Employment ID
    • Employment contract


    • Reference letter from educational institution (if student)

    Applicable Charges

  6. No charges applicable

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